Technetium Software Services

(This will serve as a temporary website until I can get my own website up and running.)

Hello, and welcome to my website. my name is James Nikolson, also known as Technetium or sleepyrob0t on GitHub. I am a 17-year-old freelance programmer who is also interested in computer graphics and artificial intelligence. I like to mod games like DOOM and Quake and make custom maps. I am a moderator on the Euroboros Hosting Server, where we host multiplayer servers for the video game DOOM( On this website, I will be showcasing my work and I will also be blogging about what I'm working on. If you need something to be done, you can reach me at


Wikipedia user profile I am a longtime (over 2 yeas) contributor to the English Wikipedia.


Replit This is where I mostly dump random code or code that I still need to revise. GitHub is where you will find my completed and ongoing projects.